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Some Essential Details Of ONGC Tenders For Businessmen Who Are Interested To Bid For It

The ONGC Tenders are the most sought after due to their growing business opportunities. Many bidders are seeking to grab the tenders of ONGC to make their business profitable.

ONGC, i.e., Oil and Natural Gas Company of India, is an Indian multinational company of oil and gas. It’s headquarter is situated at Dehradun, India. This company has indeed established a niche for itself as Asia’s largest gas and Oil Company. It produces around 88 percent India’s natural gas and around 77 percent of crude oil.

Oil and gas products have become an essential part of our lives. These products cover up the rising demand of energy in many ways. These natural occurring energy products have created an immense opportunity for business also. The ONGC Tenders India of these products is now the most sought after things for the leading companies of India. Since ONGC has registered its name among the 500 companies of Fortune Global and is the highest profit maker in the field of oil and gas, its tenders’ demand is increasing potentially. There is a really high competition among the bidders for the tenders of ONGC. A large number of competitors sought after ONGC tenders Gujarat.

The bidders can get more information about the tenders on ONGC tenders site. You can get the detailed information of the tenders on ONGC tenders net website through which you can bid for it. Information regarding current tenders will be provided as per the given format on its official website:

1. Tender no.1:
Description: Appointing 100 Metric Ton Work-over Rig pro Plug /Completion/Testing and Abandonment employments on examining in good health CPO-5 Block’s Loto-1.

1. Tender Number: ONGC-VL/MM/WO-RIG/LT/CPO-5/004/2013-14
2. Tender’s type: 2 Bid System and Limited Tenders are opened
3. Time and date of issued tender: : 31.03.2014 plus 02.04.2014 and timings are 09:00Hrs - 17:00Hrs
4. Tender’s Closing time and date: 04.04.2014 and timing is 16:00 Hrs.
5. Techno-commercial Bid Opening’ time and date: 04.04.2014 and timing 17:00 Hrs.

Tender no.2:
Appointing international auditors pro ONGC Videsh Ltd.

1. Tender Number: OVL/DLH/MM/INT.AUDITOR/841/2013-14/OA4VC14001
2. Tender document’s sale: 03.03.2014 - 18.03.2014
3. Last date pro pre-bid queries’ receipt: 21.03.2014
4. Pre-Bid conference’s date: : 27.03.2014 and timing is 1100 Hrs (Indian standard timing).
5. Bids submission date: 16.04.2014 and timing is 1400 Hrs (Indian standard timing).
6. Date for bids opening: : 16.04.2014 and timing is 1500 Hrs (Indian standard timing).

If you are interested in these tenders, then you can visit the official website of ONGC and apply for the opened tenders.